I’m Clemens Wass

A loving father and husband.
A wannabe photographer.
A cyclist working against VO2 max decline.
A legal counsel and legal tech expert.

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PS: I use LinkedIn to avoid spam. But it is pretty easy to figure out my personal e-mail address ;-)

About Me

My professional life as a legal counsel is dominated by text. Endless pages of text. The counterbalance in private life are pictures. Family comes first, so I have plenty of pictures of my wonderful wife and my adventurous son. I will only share a few selected pics. Even though our son is more interested in bicycles, motorbikes, trains and ice cream and less interested in privacy, this might change in the future.

Our dog Kangee is part of our family as well. But he for sure does not care about his privacy, neither do we. Stories about my trip with Kangee across the Alps along the Alpe-Adria-Trail have been published in the "Wuff" print magazin. My journeys with sled-dogs in Lapland and in the Yukon territory have been printed in "Wuff" and in "Bergauf".

Another passion is cycling. But unless I find the strength and endurance to outrun my bike pals, I won't be able to take pictures there. Which means: There will be no pictures in the near future other than bike gear and beer.

Speaking about gear: I have been using Sony, Panasonic and Canon equipment. For photo editing I have tried several solutions, but eventually I ended up using Darktable, a powerful free and open source software. Highly recommended if you dare to invest some time in the learning curve.